Monday, June 28, 2010

Road to Queenstown Pt3

After getting a jump start to get off the ferry we where on the home straight. only 3 quarters of the south island to go. I put the foot to the floor and the lazy automatic struggled us up and down the winding roads of the south. The boot was packed with luggage and the interior of the car was also overrun with cloths, shoes, bags and computers. but the views out the window was amazing and the roads where built to be driven slowly, The car hardly revved over 2000 rpm the whole time as economy was the aim and time was no real issue.
We headed straight to christchurch where we found our casino. We lost ourselves some lunch money chasing the dream of a five star hotel with room service on speed dial. We had not washed in two nights and where wearing the same cloths we had left Mount Maunganui in all that time ago, but the casino welcomed us in with wide arms as a homeless mans dollar is worth the same to them as a wealthy mans.
We spent that night in the car again in order to balance out our losses.

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