Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Play with my new camera.

I spent some money on a new camera before my trip to Cuba. I just thought, why work, work work and not buy something fun, so I did! and it is fun! Fujifilm x20 good fun. This is me playing with it yo!


Party on Dude!


Day After Bus Party

Bus Party!

Friday, January 23, 2015

My Cinema

Sorry about the wrong way up picture, I am using the internet in a bar/ coffee shop and have drunk to much to be bothered to change it, this is Paradsio the local cinema, great place to watch a movie, sofas, not seats, and in the off season a room to yourself.

Me at home


as you can see, i took a helicopter over the glacier in Fox, and expensice hobby ... unless (like me) you know a guy who knows a guy and then it only cost me a box of beer!

Long Time No SEE!

Sorry long time no upload pictures, been busy bee.
These be some pictures of my westcoast road trip, wet, windy, fun times.