Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kiwi season is over.

Been earning my cash for the last month in A kiwi pack house, the perks of the job include 6 days a week, 10 hours a day at $14 an hour (before tax) and all the kiwis you can carry home. Unfortunatly due to rain the kiwi season has been on and off which has provided me with a good few days off, which has allowed the money to drop a lot lower then I had planned, the kiwi fruit is drying up and there is only a few more days work left. So I Now have a difficult decision to make, stay in the mount for another couple of weeks and work in another factory (probably a fish factory...) To save up some cash, or head straight to mt Ruapehu To try and find a job around the ski resort towns a few weeks ahead of ski season. I have been in the mount for a couple of months and the house I am staying in feels like home, will be a real shame to leave it and the people who I share it with.
Sorry, no pics the mount yet as had compatibility issues with my camera and my mac but have a couple of teasers taken with my laptops inbuilt web cam.
Also check out this blog of Toms, Some real nice pics of NZ.