Wednesday, December 22, 2010

bye bye fiji

After two weeks on the islands I went back to the main land. The islands are beautiful and a great way to relax, the main island is not so.
After a visit to the main city center in Nadi I was glad to be on the plane back to NZ. Walking around the center I was asked a hundred times if I wanted a cab, some drivers would even stop in the middle of traffic to honk there horn and signal to me asking if I needed a lift.
Spot the tourist who probably has a load of fiji dollar to spend was a game played by most shopkeepers who would at points yell across the street to attract my 'big fat wallet' which unfortunately did not exist.
but despite that defiantly worth a visit.

third island. Naculia, beautiful island however i found having to collect my own food because the dinner served was nothing more than a sandwich was a bit to much. I foraged for paw paw and coconuts but mostly settled for the rum i had bought along.

we moved on to yawa lai lai our second island (check spelling) anyway we woke early and took our fiberglass boat at 100 knots and hour to get us there and was defiantly one of the better mornings I have had. Shooting past picture perfect islands and over deep blue sea.

Fiji sunset

Wilson Island

More pictures from Fiji. After a couple of days of relaxing and eating many foods and coconuts it was time for exercise. Me and April paddled out to our own islands we landed after 10mins and named it in honer of the movie castaway 'wilson island'

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I found the paradise

After a two day entrapment in our hostel we made it out to the islands. When we started out I was again not impressed with the colour of the sea. Not the colour of the pictures I had seen, Until in the distance I saw a light blue strip, it got bigger as our boat went toward it. when we where on top of it i still could not believe what I saw, The sea had turned from the nasty sludgy green into a beautiful blue within a second.
I found the paradise.


The first day in Fiji was an unimpressive start. A typhoon had hit the little island and it was raining a lot. I was imprisoned in My hostel room unsure if I could make it to the beautiful islands as no boats would leave in the weather. I made the mistake of going for the cheapest backpackers at $15 fiji dolla a night it was really basic, and thanks to the storm had no electric. Still with meals on offer for $5 It was not so bad. I regretted booking in the rainy season.