Monday, May 6, 2013

Find the Time.

Pack your bags and find the time.
Probably the last upload of pictures for a bit. Will try to get some more up sometime. But hope you like these for now (back to dam sorry about the inconsistent time line just shut up and look at them as they come).
Oh yea urm you don't have to be a member to comment any more so two way conversation is now possible without having to mess around registering.

More film.

More from the film, Korea again.

Film Delveloped.

Got my film developed, cost a fortune! I should really be looking for a job but instead I decided to upload a bunch of these pictures because there more fun then looking for work.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to the Sydney-side

More from Korea because its purty.

Ringing a bell!
After driving our less than powerful but yet still fun moped up several mountains which we where told by some was to steep and windy for us (pah I laugh in the face of steep and windy!) we managed to get our 120ccs of pure power and us to the top. After a short walk up some steps I could get my tourist on and pay £1, which also went to the upkeep of the surrounding area and could ring the huge gong! As you may be able to tell from my face I was so happy, was the best thing I have done in ages!
Anyway after that I walked off up a winding Buddhist built path which took me to Koreas largest statue of old Bud himself. Originally he had a diamond the size of my fist glued onto his forehead (dont ask me how Buddhist could pay for that with no jobs) but sadly it was stolen during the Japanese occupation, tisk, tisk guys gives it backs! But no pictures of him because I was not allowed, shame as it was a beautiful statue in a beautiful shrine that was built into the side of a mountain. Super Cool.
Also check out the food, Yum Yum Yum and all for $9 aussie dollars, or £8 English pounds. MMMMMMMM.