Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goodbye to the mount

These pictures are from mount manganui. I have been living here for a couple of months and like many others have called it home. The memories I will take from this place will hopefully last forever, the work has been hard but the people and the place has way outbalance the long hours for little cash I have saved. I hate to say goodbye but with the areas seasonal work over I have to move on to find work, Origionaly planning for Mt Ruapehu as it is closer and a cheaper place to live but I soon changed my mind and heard the call of Queenstown, the best place to party and snowboard in new zealand, the bright lights call, and I will answer.
I will miss a lot about this place and hope everyone I have met here go's on to lead a great life.

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  1. New Zealand beautiful and you do like most places need to live there to appreciate it.