Monday, February 28, 2011

Film Fiji

They look so cool thought I would through a couple more of the old old school film shots, these from fijis deep blue clear sea.

Images from good old old fashion film camera, was underwater one but it leaked a bit making the film look funky. Top two are from Rythem and Vine new year festival and the bottom is of April in my very own home and my garden, yes it is a car.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My new saucepan

Coffe 'n' cruise

A rock, took a 'coffee 'n' cruise' for $25 was great, got to swim around some caves and this funky rock and then have coffee on a boat. great little independent business, one man and his boat was only four of us on the 1 hour 30 min trip. Anyone going to kaiteriteri should take this little trip.

Jump start your morning

Every good road trip needs something to happen with the car right? lucky for us it was just our need for cooling the car down with the fan and listing to music that flattened my battery.
Luckly your typical kiwi will carry with them a pair if jump leads and the first car past (still on the west coast so the first car could be anything up to a five miniute wait) stops and helps us out.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

good old willie

West Coast

Believe it or not our trip up the west coast (so far 4 days in) has been blessed with constant sunshine. However after seeing the main events on the west coast (fox glacier) I am not to impressed and am much the same as last time I came this way with the wicked camper, put my foot down and blow past all the 100 000 000s of trees and sandflys back to civilization.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


If anybody Is still checking the blog, thought I would update let you know why no updates.
The last 3 months after going to fiji I have broken my camera. After a couple of weeks of traveling I got back to wanaka (where I have been living) long enough to send my camera away to be repaird, after fixing I am affraid I have had not much money and no Job to do much interesting or worthy of a mention on the webpage, so I bought a guitar and have been eating $1 meals while living in my car (its a new zealand thing and not as trampy as it might sound).
However I have now desided to take a road trip with some of my remaining cash and before gettig a new job, with my replacment camera should be able to keep you up to date.