Monday, June 28, 2010

Road to Queenstown Pt2

The next part of the journey takes us to everyones favorite NZ city, Wellington. We arrived here late in the day and the sun was already set, We parked up and had a walk around, trying to find a casino to gamble away what little money we had left. Fortunately we where unable to find one, and we settled for a fruit machine in a small bar with a few pool tables. I bought a bottle of Corona for $9 and sipped it as slowly as I could to make it last the duration of 4 pool games. We had already decided we would be spending the night in my car and Ian new the perfect place for us to camp. We drove ten mins from the city center where we found a lookout which was a perfect place to rest up for the night. Sitting in the warm car we reallised we had no food and were all starving, there was nothing we could do as it was late and food was far away, so we talked as much as we could to take our minds of the hunger. Rinsed our mouths with mouthwash as we had no water to clean our teeth and eventually fell asleep.
The next morning we got moving before the sun was up, mostly to get the heater working as the cold night air had crept its way into the car during our sleep. With four of us in the car it was one of the worst nights sleep I have ever been through and I was glad when the car was eventually switched on and the warm air slowly filled the inside, warming my stiff back.
We parked up in wellington city and used the public toilets, getting back to the car we had our first and only major dilemma, sitting in the car with an hour to spear before our ferry left for the south island I turned the key to get us started. Nothing happened, I tryed again with the same result, the battery was flat! I ran to the nearest hostel where the man behind the desk gave me the number of the ferry while Ian called the roadside assistance. In true movie style we where told it could be up to an hour wait, this would make us miss the ferry and I was unable to get hold of the terminal to try change to a later departure. We waited 40 mins before the car was jump started and we sped off toward the water. We arrived just as the cars where boarding and where able to breath slowly once again.
we slept the entire ferry ride as the night had not provided us with enough rest to continue our journey.

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