Monday, June 28, 2010

Road to Queenstown Pt1.

We left the mount at around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, delaying our leaving as long as possible as non of us where happy to leave the place we now called home. But eventually we set off on our epic road trip to find ourselves a mountain. The plan was simple, point the car in the direction of Queenstown and drive until we can touch ourselves a mountain called the remarkables.
The journey took three days, 3 and a half tanks of fuel, plenty of fast food, and hours upon hours of general conversation. Our first stop was 'Bollys' house. Ian had wanted to go back here after his 2 week stay and when we got there I could see why. The place was amazing, all hand built by the owners there was two log houses, one for living in and the other for cooking pizzas and bread, there was also a wooden shed which was lived in by the family while the house was being built. A short walk up the steep hill behind the house revealed an amazing view of the distant mountains and as far away as they where we still had further to travel, Already overwhelmed by the beauty, cold, and sense of freedom we had we where not even half the way there.

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