Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Beach

Took a all day boat trip to phi phi island also known as the place were they filmed the beach, (I could choose between this or the James bond island- the man with the golden gun) unfortunately Hollywood lies had fooled me into thinking this would be a beautiful lonely spot with waterfalls but tho it was beautiful it was also packed with tourists which took away from the beauty of the place. But anyway was a good day, saw monkeys and got drenched in rain and then snorkeled with topical fish. Not bad for 1100 Bhat.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Street food is cheap and yummy.

My place

Flood water

I was staying outside the main city so managed to avoid the worst of the flooding (which comes at night as the sea level rises) but during the day while I walk around Bangkok I see more than I want to see of the flood waters. Everywhere I look there are sandbags around shops and cement around the government buildings, the unfortunate shops that cant afford protection against the water remain as normal and will stand no chance when the main flood comes.

The water is coming from the north from the rainforest and mountains, a local man tells me, and is making its way down the country to the sea, the government is trying hard to divert most the water away from the capital but the newspapers are telling the residence to brace for the worst.

These are a few pics I took of the flood water, its the worst I have seen first hand but Ive heard the worst is yet to come.


After a five second free fall on board the Air Asia plane which nearly turned my seat brown I nearly kissed the ground when I finally stepped off and at that moment I vowed never to fly Air Asia again.
The temperature was 32 deg and I had no real clue were to go. I headed for the subway (mrt station) and bought a ticket to a area I thought might have a hotel, after strolling through back alleys filled with staring locals I found a beautiful hotel for 700 bath a night (around $30nzd or £15 ukp), I would say at least a three star, I showered using the complementry shower gells and fluffy towels and by the time I had finished the weather had changed from white cloud during day to rain, thunder and night.
I turned on the tv (36inch widscreen plasma) to see the news, the words I could not understand but the pictures spoke for themselves. The city I had just walked through was in the firing line of the worst floods the country has ever seen.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A bad workman

Sorry about the picture quality. I lost my last camera (which makes i think five or six since I got to New Zealand. im using aprils camera but it wont take pictures in the dark and its really poor quality. But they do say a bad workman always blames his tools.

Singapore, Or 'the little red dot' A country so small it fits beneath the red dot on the world map, and wat a beautiful city.
Never having been much for citys I decided 4 days was enough to fit in this tiny country but unfortunatly it was love at first sight and by the end and despite my feet being on fire from all the walking I did (around 10 hours constent everyday) I still had plenty left to do when it came time to leave.