Friday, March 2, 2018

Well.. Tis The season

Seeming as the snow is falling again I had a look through some old photos and found this one of Canada style festival In Banff, sponsored by the 'Silver Bullet' known to most  around the world as Cores Light.. or to my old boss in the liquor store as 'Cores crap' I found that funny, Thought you might to... While on this subject though, I will mention that a 'light beer' seems to be somewhat of a very strange concept, cores light comes in at around 4.2% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) as do a lot of other light beverages, this creates 16% less ABV then a 5% beer ... as opposed to a mid-strength which is around 50% lower, my thought is this... Why bother? who are they aiming the marketing of a 'light-beer' at, its not significantly lower volume to make it a good choice for someone who will later drive, and its not a great choice for someone trying to get bang for there buck, its no healthier than a 5% brew and the taste is, to a large extent, not defined my the amount of alcohol in it, there are also many beers out there who's ABV sits at around 4% and yet do not claim the status of 'light beer' which means this is simply a marketing ploy? And one more thing, any company that spends vast amounts of money on advertising in the Alcohol industry, Generally is not worth buying, Absolute, Jose Cuervo, Budwiser, Fosters and dare I say it Heineken (the worlds no.1 selling beer)  All cheap and tasteless compared to many in the price range but yet hugely popular due to massive amounts of marketing.
Well... I started that as a nice trip down memory lane and I stated off on A rant... Sorry about that.

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