Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The O'l Rover

After a new battery, oil change, cam belt, water pump, faulty sensor, new light bulb, new fob battery, power steering and alternator belt, new disc brakes and pads, new mid- rear exhausted system, some new tires and some minor rust repair, along with a replacement stereo (exchanging one dead technology, a tape player, for another dead technology, a cd player)  I have managed to scrape the old girl back from the clutches of the breakers yard, I had no idea going into this how much work I was actually going to have to undertake, how much time it would take to source all the parts and how much I would owe one very good friend for his time. But finally, today I took the car around for her seal of on road approval and she passed without any problems. I had next to no mechanical knowledge going into this project and coming out the other side I am pleased to report that I now understand a great deal about the way these things lots of people have work.
I recommend to all, so long as you have a friend to point you in the right direction. 

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