Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fresh Pow treck.

The ever increasingly fun Season has left us for a taste for fresh powder. Having had 3 dumps this week leaves you not wanting to ride the inevitably shredded up easy to get to areas. So when I was sitting on the chair lift and I looked over to see a whole side of fresh snow with only a couple of tracks in it, and all i need to do is jump a fence to get it.... well game on!

FYI, my House mate/ riding buddy Ingela who is sweet = Smingla


  1. Ah how prosaic . Not being able to work it out we took it as a cry of joy and so we (my workmates ) and I cry Smingla !! when we have a small triumph . Or we nod sagely and mumble smingla in dissapointment when it has gone wrong, becuase we know we were but a hairs breadth from SMINGLA!!

  2. Well apart from the fact it looks blooming nigh vertical and may be why they put a fence up I am sure it was joy to surf. Yup the more I look the more vertical it looks . If I had a hat I would take it off to you and Smingla.

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