Thursday, March 11, 2010


Been floating around the corramondal, north, east of NZ. I originally planed to spent three days driving round in a rent-a-car but after my first lap of the peninsular and getting back to Thames where I needed to hand the rental car back I bumped into Christoph, The German guy who had picked me up on the way to the very north of NZ Cape Renga. I returned the favour by giving him a lift to his hostel and he ended up renting the car I was handing back. We had a few beers and it got to late for me to hitch south so I held up in the hostel with him.
There we met Anne, a french lady and Vince From Amsterdam who I got on so well with I decided to go with them around the corramondal for the second time.
As always a bunch of stuff happened including Vince scrapping up and destroying underneath of the rental car (they have yet to notice and charge him), Also saw a beached whale who had to be shot as he was ill and every time he was free he swam back and ended up on the beach. We also where invited to stay with a family for free who had strange religious beliefs (something I was unaware of until we where inside there house). But here I got to milk a cow and meet some interesting folk from around the world.

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