Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year

Spending our new year, as planned in Nelson. We got there slightly early so spent some time around rabbit island which is another mind numbingly beautiful place to be. Using its cold outdoor shower to maintain some standard of cleanliness, the only down side to the island is that they lock the gates which cross the road onto it at sunset, a shame but no the less worth a visit. However we found a better place to stay with the amazingly generous Phil and Barbara who need to be read about on Ash and Ian's blog..

On new years day we parked up near at a location I will not divulge on the web as you never know who is listing, but let us just say it was free and near the city center. I had a bottle of south Africa's finest (cheapest) wine and a few beers I had floating around. We Merrel made our way to town with what was left of the wine cunningly disguised in fruit juice bottles. We watched a mini festival which consisted of a couple of kiwi bands who provided a nice background noise to keep drinking by. From this point I find it hard to recall any accurate details of that night, at least none I will broadcast to the world however the picture above is an accurate enough description of how the night went. You can take the man out of England but the England will never leave the man.

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  1. Rather proud. I have managed to post my picture. I am now on a blog. I may open my own blog in due course. The world according to Martin i think. Continue to chill. I have sent pictures of the snow so you know what you are missing. Do expect NZ Zippo in the post sometime otherwise may come and get my own so be aware.