Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So far food has not been to bad but I felt as it is my biggest daily expensie that it needs a mention. So far been keeping it relitivly low cost, always cooking own supermarket food as is 'heaps' cheaper. Our trips to supermarket are near enough daily where we shop around for cheap and chearfull. Mostly ending up with pasta and rice garneished with a superburb 'whatever is on offer' sauce. Obviously the noodles are a big part of my diet and alough im sure the health benifits are not great my wallet benifit is. So here are some tips to get the best from your noodles, Mix with beanz for fiber and density, add as much chilly sauce as you think you can take and not the packet of 'flavour' given with it. Cook untill warmish, Now enjoy.
For breackfast I find a mix of scarmbled eggs with cut up tomato (idea stole from two california surfers we met) and banana (my own idea) fryed into a pile of mess and wedged between two slices of bread. Bliss-e-mo!

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