Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Blog: Xmas Day

4 Weeks into my travel and think its about time I started a blog. The day after boxing day and its raining which is a welcome relief to the blistering sun of the last few days.

Just been through Xmas on a beach somewhere at the top of New Zealand a place called Patterns Rock. Great experience and one was looking forward to for a while, however, as always its the stuff that could not be planed that made the day.

Starting the day off next to a busy road, flicking through a map for local beaches we headed south to check out and scout for suitable places, eventually getting to Patterns Rock around 10:30 or so (although time is hard to pinpoint without a watch) we set up our Xmas tree (basically a twig i found) and wrapped it in tinsel to kick off our festiveness! Instantly cracking open some tuborg while the boys swam in the warmest water we had found yet I sat under our 'tree' and enjoyed my sandy Xmas which was about to get interesting!.... (suspense)... when Ash and Ian came back from the water they had strangely changed our midday snack plans, I waded out with them away from the beach but toward some rocks to find an entire reef filled with muscles which a local told us we could pick, while picking them another local told us how to cook them by simply boiling water, people are unbelievably friendly to strangers around here. Eating was good, the freshest food Ive ever had!

The rest of the Xmas was spent mostly chilling, drinking and eating, having to BBQ our 4 quarter pound burgers on a disposable BBQ we found for a very reasonable 5 bucks= bout 2.40 pounds, and boiling our carrots and potatoes. Defiantly kept up the tradition off cooking more than its possible to eat!

Good Day, Good experience, Good times.
Check out ash's Blog at ..more to come soonish


  1. This is just what i need to get your Dad interested in who know's we may follow next . can't do the shellfish thing though , but he would . Glad you had a good christmas , miss you loads have fun xxmamaxx

  2. Your mum right its my turn to go off next. I would eat the shellfish, I once made a shrew stew! Happy Christmas and happy new year