Thursday, April 7, 2016

BACK IN THE GARDEN! left caps lock on.

This was the tomato I was saving for when I moved out, I never did so I finally gave him a home.

Spring onions, Parsley, coriander, chives, lemon tree, and somehow all of a sudden a pumpkin. All just one step outside the back door.
Cant garden, saw back but I released I have a camera on my computer! 


feijoa tree.

Irrigation I dug a hole in. Fixed with two hose clamps and pluming tape.

When I got hear a bit late in summer There where not tomato plants! whaaaat?! right? So I planted some, yum. 

Silverbeat, Carrots and PARSNIP!! 

Big Bush.

The name escapes me right now.

Blackberry Bush.

Selfie. omg, lol, wtf!


Lets call him Barry the Barrow.


  1. I am rather impressed . very green fingered and green . Its very pleasurable to eat something you have grown yourself.

  2. Yes I like this a lot , remember chuckles ? I have a red wheelbarrow (I paid extra as some money went for red nose day but you need a garden shed . seems relaxing.

  3. Yes indeed very "Titchmarsh" , are you also growing Marrow, or is the signage on flagstone just decoration ? mama