Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Eat, sleep, Rave, Repeat.

Driving north from Ho Chi Min. Some interesting places to eat, the top picture we where served water that seemed to have come straight out of the grime coloured river that ran through the town. you may also notice it is half empty, always check before you drink, school boy error. But I did make a friend in the same place, the last picture.
Also just to rant, I have been sent a email from youtube telling me a video I uploaded has been muted, because the soundtrack is copyrighted. I made no money from this, I used the music because I liked it, it took me a long time to edit the (rubbish) video, I was not claiming this famous song as my own, the video has about 6 views, and yet because of some retard in the fad based music machine industry I am not allowed to use and share music that I have not created from scratch myself.


  1. ah yes , this is how we all began the long journey to raging against the unfairness of the world !!

  2. let us hope they boiled the water they cooked the food in , see many dogs around ?

  3. play the music backwards next time! that water looks dirtier than our drain water !! the locals must have stomachs like tank engines . Drink cola next time ..or Beer xxxmamaxxx I am not Anonymous just shy :~} xx