Monday, September 17, 2012


I have been told that this was not the best summer for growing your own food, well, with around 30 days of sun at the most I am not supprised, however, this being my first attempt I think my enthusiasum helped my plants a long some what.
My best creature being the huge tomato plant (third picture down) that showed no signs of stopping its epic growth even after I clipped its wings. The plant was a 'moneymaker' tomato (tho I like to call it the Jan Harler dominator!), ether way, I can see why the name was given to it, with almost no effort I must have harvested several kgs of beautiful sweet tommies, I would say (in my limited expertise) a must for the first time grower.
Note Damon Davis and his lurverly rut veg mmmmmm. 

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