Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good morning Vietnam

Its been on the list of places to visit for a few years and so far it has not disappointed, I have not checked this fact but I was told that ha noi is the densist populated city in the world, Weather this is true or not it does not change the fact that while walking around the city for the first time you would be forgiven for curling up into a little ball and never moving again. as the traffic is an unforgiving swarm of motorbikes, mopeds taxis, bikes, street venders on wheels and little old ladys trying to sell everything from fake ray bans to doughnuts on a stick.
It takes a day to become one with the flowing mess of traffic or motors and humans but once you have figured out the fluidness of the traffic you become one with the grand machine that does not obey traffic lights, road sighns or even pedestrian crossing. The general ruel is if there is space go for it.

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