Friday, October 28, 2011

Flood water

I was staying outside the main city so managed to avoid the worst of the flooding (which comes at night as the sea level rises) but during the day while I walk around Bangkok I see more than I want to see of the flood waters. Everywhere I look there are sandbags around shops and cement around the government buildings, the unfortunate shops that cant afford protection against the water remain as normal and will stand no chance when the main flood comes.

The water is coming from the north from the rainforest and mountains, a local man tells me, and is making its way down the country to the sea, the government is trying hard to divert most the water away from the capital but the newspapers are telling the residence to brace for the worst.

These are a few pics I took of the flood water, its the worst I have seen first hand but Ive heard the worst is yet to come.

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