Monday, July 5, 2010

Road to Queenstown Pt4

Our backs almost folded and our smell ever increasing we pulled into Omaru public toilets (among the nicest in New Zeland) to freshen up for the home straight. Our plan for the day was to reach Queenstown at all costs, Just to drive until we where home. We had breakfast (sushi) on a hydro damn where we stayed for a few ours cooking rice and coffee in the car using Ians small stove. Eventually heading off through my favorite road in the world. The road treated us to mellow bends on a level plain all the way from the damn to the most picture perfect mountain I have had the fortune to point a camera at. The water was perfect and still and reflected the mountain crystal clear. It was an amazing sight and we hoped over a private fence to get a closer look at the beauty.

The next part of the journey took us past Omaru rock piles, and we drove slowly down the long long straight looking for the rock pile we built on our second week in New Zealand. I was over the moon when I eventually saw it, looking almost as we had left it all those months ago.

We piled back in the car and hit the gas, filling up for the last time at the next station. We where in Queenstown after sunset and checked into a hostel for a well needed rest.

We had reached our destination, what was going to happen next was anyones guess.

unfortunately days later Ian and Charlotte made a choice that will effect the rest of our time in NZ, after looking for work for a little over a week, they booked a flight back to England as Ians money had long since run out and Charlottes bank account struggled to keep them both afloat without any income.

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